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Nov 2016
Hadrien Mary
Nov 07 2016 00:42 UTC
Hey guys, any function to convert a FreeLine ROI to Segmented Line ROI in IJ1 ? I would to be able to modify pre computed FreeLine ROIs and only Segmented Line ROIs can be modified.
Or should I do it manually ?
Robert Haase
Nov 07 2016 08:43 UTC
@hadim: instead of removing points from the outline, you could think of interpolating the outline:
fp = roi.getInterpolatedPolygon();
fp = roi.getInterpolatedPolygon(fp.getLength(false) / stepCount, smooth);
roi = PolygonRoi(fp, Roi.POLYLINE);
Hadrien Mary
Nov 07 2016 13:46 UTC
Thank you !
Raquel Pereira
Nov 07 2016 13:49 UTC
Hi everyone, this might sound kind of basic but I could not find info anywhere
does anyone knows how to make live feed from a microscope camera to fiji?
is there any plugin for it ?
I checked twain, but I couldn't make it work
I am gratefull for any comment
Curtis Rueden
Nov 07 2016 15:19 UTC
@raquelsmp89_twitter Have you already tried Micro-Manager?