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Nov 2016
Nov 10 2016 14:33
Hi there. I'm quite new to ImageJ and have a small "problem": I want to use a greyscale picture to set landmarks. For this, the picture is all black with white dots where the landmarks are supposed to be. I wrote a python script which scans the picture for high pixel values and writes the coordinates of the white dots into a txt, which I then load into ImageJ. Not I am wondering whether there's a nice and tidy way to do this directly using ImageJ/Fiji?
Jan Eglinger
Nov 10 2016 15:11
@Feivel92 I guess you can simply use Image>Adjust>Threshold, Set Measurements to centroid, and Analyze>Analyze Particles (which is what is otherwise known as a connected-component analysis). Ask on the forum if you need further help.
Nov 10 2016 15:29
Hi jan, that looks promising. Thank you!
@imagejan that looks promising. Thank you!