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Nov 2016
Hadrien Mary
Nov 20 2016 01:11 UTC

When using fiji to run a python script, it thinks that my parameters are a file and try to open it.

/fiji/path --ij2 --headless --console --run /my/python/ "param1=5,param2=5.6,dataset='/path/to/dataset.tif'"

the error is

[WARNING] No appropriate format found: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unsupported format or not found

I have also tried to specify the input like that :

/fiji/path --ij2 --headless --console --run /my/python/ "param1=5,param2=5.6" /path/to/dataset.tif

without success... :-(

Curtis Rueden
Nov 20 2016 04:55 UTC
@hadim I am sorry to see you are having problems with that. I very recently investigated, updated and tested that functionality, so I am surprised it is not working now.
I am too tired to reproduce tonight, and may be busy tomorrow, but if you remind me again I will investigate and fix. Your first invocation looks correct to me (though it's hard to be sure without seeing the parameters of
I updated the page quite recently, and I am guessing from your invocations above that you have read that page.
Hadrien Mary
Nov 20 2016 05:01 UTC
Thank you. My script is quite complex so I'll try reproduce the error on a smaller script. I'll ping you during the week about that.
Hadrien Mary
Nov 20 2016 22:49 UTC

I was able to reproduce the bug with the following script :

# @Dataset data
# @ImageJ ij

s = ij.op().run("stats.mean", data)
$ fiji --headless --ij2 --console --run "data='/home/hadim/FakeTracks.tif'"

Same error as above.