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Nov 2016
Stefan Helfrich
Nov 25 2016 11:02 UTC
@iarganda I am experiencing some issues with the Trainable Segmentation on stacks. When using the Java API via Groovy, the resulting stacks contain duplicate images in positions where a new Thread started processing (i.e. the positions depends on the number of threads I am using). Is that a know issue?
Raquel Pereira
Nov 25 2016 12:13 UTC
Hi guys
the answer for my question just got lost
is it possible to have live image on imagej or not?
Jan Eglinger
Nov 25 2016 12:36 UTC

@raquelsmp89_twitter do you mean this answer:

:point_up: November 7, 2016 4:19 PM

Raquel Pereira
Nov 25 2016 12:53 UTC
Ohh thanks, yes I meant that answer
and I've not tried, like my idea was to measure stuff live with a camera connected to a microscope
without actually taking pictures
so I will try it out