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Dec 2016
Curtis Rueden
Dec 14 2016 11:40 UTC
@hadim Yeah, same issue happened here at the hackathon.
Caused by the fact that the new Bio-Formats changed its dependency structure.
Did you try ./ImageJ-linux64 --update update-force-pristine beforehand? How did you achieve that ImageJ installation? Did you just download and unpack the latest Fiji?
If you downloaded and unpacked the latest Fiji, then note that it was out of date, but has now been fixed, I believe.
At least: @kephale had the same issue with his Travis build and now reports that it is fixed for him.
Anyway, let me know if it still doesn't work today!
Kyle I S Harrington
Dec 14 2016 12:05 UTC
yes, @ctrueden worked his magic as usual
Curtis Rueden
Dec 14 2016 13:02 UTC
@hadim OK, great, you were indeed using the same trick as @kephale. So it should work now if you trigger another build!
Hadrien Mary
Dec 14 2016 13:05 UTC
Yep, I confirm it works now !
Thank you
jrunscript bootstrap.js update-force-pristine is much more slower
is that ok ?
Curtis Rueden
Dec 14 2016 15:03 UTC
Thanks @hadim.
Eventually, neither of those ways will be the way—instead, you will use mvn from a clone of fiji/fiji.
But there is still a little bit more work to do to make that work.
Hadrien Mary
Dec 14 2016 16:52 UTC