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Dec 2016
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Dec 20 2016 12:58 UTC
Found the MATLAB-imagej bug origin:imagej/imagej-matlab#7
As always it was trivial except if you trust MATLAB
Curtis Rueden
Dec 20 2016 22:38 UTC
@tinevez Very sorry I did not chime in on that thread before. I have known about the Java 7/8 discord for a while there, but it was not clearly documented. It is too bad that MATLAB 2017a still uses Java 7. Hopefully they will upgrade some day.
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Dec 20 2016 22:39 UTC
No worries. I was happy I could work it out myself. The problems with Java 8 you mention might be related to the finding I had MATLAB does not work at all with the jdk8 but with the jre8. (!??!)
I am waiting for the person on the forum to confirm the MATLAB thingie works fine, but most likely he went on holidays now.