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Jan 2017
Florian Jug
Jan 28 2017 11:11 UTC
@ctrueden No worries. We plan to switch Tr2d completely to it in order to see if all works out fine. Also we have some ideas for how to slightly change things and by March 6 we might have an improved idea for you to look at already.
Curtis Rueden
Jan 28 2017 13:33 UTC
@fjug Sure. Please remember to keep backwards compatibility in mind, though. I also believe there should be forwarding of stdout and stderr to dedicated log channels, as well as printing of the default channel to stdout/stderr.
And in general, I want to minimize proliferation of lots of small services, in favor of a modest number of more consolidated ones, as long as the API makes sens together.
Florian Jug
Jan 28 2017 20:55 UTC
@ctrueden ok, sure, got it (@maarzt, have you seen Cutis’ messages above?)
Matthias is thinking about lots of aspects. As soon as you have time to discuss things I would even suggest a Skype call / Hangout so we can efficiently understand each others points. We have no problem going ahead with what we think makes most sense and then learn from you that we forgot something. In that case we will simply make another round before completion.