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Feb 2017
Feb 04 2017 18:25 UTC
Good news everyone. The correctness of BDVs cache has been formally proved. (in a way...) ;-)
@ctrueden please also take this as a lame apology why I didn't fix the imglib-algorithm mpicbg problem yet...
Florian Jug
Feb 04 2017 18:27 UTC
@tpietzsch Yeah!!! I cannot wait to hear every nasty detail about your SAT solver orgy in order to proove that!!! :beers:
(I guess this is ‘nerdish’ and directly translates to: ‘I miss you here in Dresden!’) ;)
Feb 04 2017 18:28 UTC
Curtis Rueden
Feb 04 2017 21:13 UTC
@tpietzsch No worries. Sounds like you were focused on something deeply important, which takes precedence for sure.