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Feb 2017
Jay Tanna
Feb 06 2017 12:51 UTC
Hello all,
I am having a doubt about mapir pluggin of fiji. In that pericular, File. I want to understand the role of scaleImage() and ScaleChannel() in that. Because of inverseRange the pixel value we are getting is < 1. So, how it works in the development of new image.
Curtis Rueden
Feb 06 2017 19:51 UTC
@JayTanna You mean this MAPIR plugin? That plugin is not part of Fiji. It looks like a commercial plugin. You will have to seek support from their support team.
Jan Eglinger
Feb 06 2017 20:25 UTC
for context to the post by @JayTanna see
Curtis Rueden
Feb 06 2017 20:34 UTC
Thanks @imagejan. @JayTanna: if you need specific guidance, post at, and post specific source code you have questions about.