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Mar 2017
Nico Stuurman
Mar 23 2017 01:05
I know that feeling;(
Robert Haase
Mar 23 2017 07:41
me too :-/
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Mar 23 2017 13:03
@ctrueden @imagejan TrackMate v3.5.0 released but not uploaded yet.
Jan Eglinger
Mar 23 2017 13:15
Curtis Rueden
Mar 23 2017 13:31
@tpietzsch I told you: I have tooling for that; just point me at the projects you want updated.
Curtis Rueden
Mar 23 2017 14:07

i have no license and no contributors and yes sure mailing list is the imagej forum why not

@tpietzsch I suggest starting from a POM template and renaming/editing things from there. Would it help if I published such a template to GitHub somewhere? We do already have the example-imagej-command.

Mar 23 2017 14:48
@ctrueden I'm just not sure why some of this is required at all
basically it is already what I do, just copying and pasting from other projects and modifying
I try to fill in what I know but some things are just not there
for example I copy and paste the
            <name>ImageJ Forum</name>
I copy this
        <system>Travis CI</system>
and do search and replace
But there is no semantic meaning to it
I never set up travis for this project for example
(I have no idea whether something happens automatically)
So basically all I'm doing is conform to the syntactic rules. And I suspect others do the same.
Mar 23 2017 14:53
What then is the benefit of requiring this at all?
Curtis Rueden
Mar 23 2017 15:52
@tpietzsch I need to run to my son's talent show now, but will respond in more detail when I return.
Curtis Rueden
Mar 23 2017 18:20
@tpietzsch Regarding Travis, you can simply visit that URL to check whether Travis is set up to build that project yet.
Even if not, I would prefer all projects in the ImageJ software stack use Travis for regular builds (master branch, as well as PRs) now. I have a script which makes that transition very easy.
Regarding the benefits: this is for you. I hope it helps clarify my draconianism.
In particular, read the "Required metadata" section, followed by 'How to override a field with an "empty" value'. If you are still unconvinced, we can discuss.
Curtis Rueden
Mar 23 2017 18:43
@tpietzsch Maybe also you find my script useful for these updates. Very hacky, but it makes it much faster to migrate a project from one of the old pom-<foo> parents to the unified pom-scijava. I also have a pom-scan script which reports on components still needing POM updates.