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Mar 2017
Mar 24 2017 14:54 UTC
@ctrueden I am still unconvinced. I can agree that there are certain "social obligations" that we agree to if we contribute plugins to Fiji etc, But you have to consider, that the "required metadata" is something that you have to do even for one-off projects. Some little thing that you want to write that is never (or in any case not for a long time) intended to see the light of day (e.g. be pushed to an update site). The utility of the pom-scijava parent is that it defines dependency-management for everything. Sometimes this is all that you want.
I guess there is alway enforcer.skip for one-off projects.
Curtis Rueden
Mar 24 2017 15:07 UTC
Yeah, for one-offs which you do not publish, just skip the enforcer.
But for me, copying and pasting an existing POM takes 2 minutes, so it does not bother me. You gain the other advantages of the enforcer in so doing.
@tpietzsch If you find a way to make the POM inheritance work differently (e.g., combine.self and combine.children stuff perhaps), such that things like scm do not inherit incorrectly when they are absent downstream, then I would be open to discuss a technical change here. But it would be very bad if the path-of-least-resistance—to exclude an element from your POM—results in an erroneous effective POM.
Mar 24 2017 15:49 UTC
@ctrueden yes, that I can understand. Well, I'll get used to it :-)
Curtis Rueden
Mar 24 2017 16:53 UTC
Stack Overflow published some interesting statistics derived from a survey of the worldwide developer community. @kephale in particular, I'm sure you will be pleased that Clojure developers make more money with less experience.
So much good stuff in there. For example: everyone hates Visual Basic!
Philipp Hanslovsky
Mar 24 2017 16:57 UTC