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Mar 2017
Curtis Rueden
Mar 27 2017 18:05
@tinevez As you probably know, I am working on upgrading all of Fiji to use the new pom-scijava, as well as switching to Travis CI for builds.
I am having a weird problem with the Image_Expression_Parser and was hoping you might have some insight.
There is a failing test, which happens on macOS + Maven 3.3.9 as well as Linux + Maven 3.0.4. It happens with the 2.0.0 and 3.0.0 release tags as well as the latest master.
The error is:
normalize(fiji.expressionparser.test.TestImgLibAlgorithms)  Time elapsed: 0.009 sec  <<< ERROR!
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 16
    at net.imglib2.img.basictypeaccess.array.ShortArray.getValue(
    at net.imglib2.type.numeric.integer.GenericShortType.getValue(
    at net.imglib2.type.numeric.integer.UnsignedShortType.get(
    at net.imglib2.type.numeric.integer.UnsignedShortType.getIntegerLong(
    at net.imglib2.type.numeric.integer.AbstractIntegerType.getRealFloat(
    at fiji.expressionparser.test.TestImgLibAlgorithms$4.getExpectedValue(
    at fiji.expressionparser.test.TestUtilities.buildExpectedImage(
    at fiji.expressionparser.test.TestUtilities.doTest(
    at fiji.expressionparser.test.TestImgLibAlgorithms.normalize(
What has me baffled is: why did this build before? We did cut the 2.0.0 and 3.0.0 releases during the migration to reproducible builds a couple of years ago.
If you have no idea, that is OK—I just wanted to ask, in case you do.
Curtis Rueden
Mar 27 2017 21:46
@tpietzsch I switched the BDV components over to Travis CI. I did not do the mastodon repos.