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Mar 2017
Curtis Rueden
Mar 29 2017 13:59 UTC
@tinevez Switched it over. FWIW, the secrets in question are the password for the ImageJ Maven repository's travis account, and the Jenkins token for triggering the Travis-Success and Travis-Failure build hooks.
The script I use to switch from Jenkins to Travis, minus those secrets, is:
set -e
test -d "$dir"

# install the Travis boilerplate config + scripts
cp -r .travis.yml .travis "$dir"
cd "$dir" && pwd

# update the POM
sed -i '' -e 's/Jenkins/Travis CI/' pom.xml
sed -E -i '' -e "s@https?://*</url>@$dir</url>@" pom.xml

# update the README
if [ -f "" ]
  sed -E -i '' -e "s@https?://*/lastBuild/badge/icon@$dir.svg?branch=master@"
  sed -E -i '' -e "s@https?://*/@$dir@"

# add encrypted vars
echo yes | travis encrypt MAVEN_PASS=... --add
travis encrypt TOKEN_NAME=... --add

# commit to git
git add .travis .travis.yml
git commit -a -m 'Switch from Jenkins to Travis CI'