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May 2017
Hi, i'm having some issues with fiji. I can load my pics but i can't open the color balance nor the brightness/contrast control panel with the latest version of fiji. The panel is opened in the back with viewing issues, and i can't change anything. My computer runs win10. Is it due to Fiji? ImageJ? Java? thanks a lot!
Curtis Rueden
May 23 2017 11:32 UTC
@olcl To find out, try testing with: older Life-Line versons of Fiji; older versions of ImageJ1 (Help / Update ImageJ... menu); different machines.
Jean-Yves Tinevez
May 23 2017 15:28 UTC
Hi all.
I just activated a Travis build: following instructions from @ctrueden .
How to trigger the build now? Do I have to release a non-snapshot version?
Jean-Yves Tinevez
May 23 2017 15:42 UTC
Ok its wrokgin now
Jean-Yves Tinevez
May 23 2017 15:49 UTC
I failed the build with an error Return code is: 400
Do I have to right to upload to ImageJ nexus?
Bon apparently if I push a SNAPSHOT version then all is fine.
Thanks @ctrueden