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May 2017
Curtis Rueden
May 26 2017 03:48
@bogovicj One other thing: can you enable Travis for trakem2-tps?
John Bogovic
May 26 2017 11:21
@ctrueden enabled!
Curtis Rueden
May 26 2017 13:57
@iarganda I am trying to migrate all component builds away from the ImageJ Jenkins, with the hope that I can eventually shut it down, or at least scale it back to be extremely minimal. Would you be willing to change MorphoLibJ over to Travis CI?
If so, visit this URL:
You'll need to give Travis some permissions, and click the + symbol in the left-hand column, and enable MorphoLibJ Travis builds. If you do that, I'll file a PR on the GitHub side that updates the code to use it.
Curtis Rueden
May 26 2017 14:27
@fjug Same for indago etc.—any chance you can switch those over to Travis soon? Perhaps we can take care of it when I am there in person.