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May 2017
Jan Eglinger
May 29 2017 07:12 UTC
I just noticed that the FFMPEG update site ships a jna-3.2.7.jar that is shadowing the jna-4.2.2.jar from the Java-8 update site. As we keep recommending the FFMPEG site on I'd like to prevent running into some breaking version skew in the future... @ctrueden can we stop shadowing jna from the FFMPEG site, as it ships with the Java-8 site now??
Jan Eglinger
May 29 2017 07:20 UTC
Well, I see that there's incompatible API, so FFMPEG doesn't work with jna 4.x...
Jan Eglinger
May 29 2017 07:28 UTC
The JNA major version was bumped in this commit scijava/pom-scijava@8f423f1, but I'm unsure what other projects depend on it.
Florian Jug
May 29 2017 09:47 UTC
@ctrueden absolutely no problem. I think you are right, it would make the most sense to do that together once you are here...
Jan Eglinger
May 29 2017 11:58 UTC
@ctrueden didn't you mention at some point that the original repo for Fiji's FFMPEG_IO was lost during the transition from the old server? The source is still available on a few locations ( and ), so we can maybe move it back to the Fiji org and put it on an update site?
Curtis Rueden
May 29 2017 14:17 UTC
@imagejan The history for that update site is in scifio/scifio-javacv.
I am very reluctant to resurrect it. I already tried two times, and could not make it build reproducibly.