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Jun 2017
Krzysztof Gonciarz
Jun 22 2017 09:40 UTC
@Aivard_twitter We have normalized cutoff parameter in range 0-1, please play with it a little and it will work for you (0 - means no discrimination at all so all detected particles will be taken into account and 1-all will be filtered out).
Ulrik Günther
Jun 22 2017 09:56 UTC
thanks for dropping by, @krzysg :+1:
Jun 22 2017 17:18 UTC
Good afternoon @axtimwalde @acardona ! I have aligned a stack of 1684 slices and would like to export as a tiff stack. I followed the suggestion I got on the ImageJ forum to" right-click in the canvas, then Export > Create flat image..." which turned my 3.4 GB stack into 104GB of individual images. My end goal is to make an .avi of the stack so my boss can scroll through the stack. I'm fine with exporting individual slices as long as they remain registered when I open them as a tiff series in ImageJ
Oops, hit send too soon. I think the size increase is due to all of the black space that was added around the slices. I tried to crop to the ROI but cropping is apparently not available in TrakEM2. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!
Stephan Saalfeld
Jun 22 2017 18:38 UTC
@FreyaGoetz "Export > Create flat image..." exports the currently selected rectangle
you can also "DIsplay > Change Layer Size..." (or something like this)
also, if you convert the series of tiffs into a series of say PNGs, the black padding does not cost you anything
Jun 22 2017 19:49 UTC
@axtimwalde Thank you. That export worked differently when I was zoomed in and I finally got the result I was looking for.