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Jul 2017
Jul 19 2017 11:57 UTC
Hi, I'm having some issues using the 3D viewer and volume viewer plugins. I'm trying to create a 3D model from micro ct scan data however it keeps telling me that it is running out of memory. I've tried increasing the virtual memory but that hasn't had any effect. I've also tried reducing the number of scan slices being used but that hasn't done anything either. I keep getting the same error message is there any way I can resolve this? Any help will be much appreciated!
Ellen TA Dobson
Jul 19 2017 12:21 UTC
Hey @RachelLouise123 - it would be best if you can post this on the Forum... that is the best place to ask these types of questions to get you the best help! :)
Jul 19 2017 22:22 UTC
Okay thank you!