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Aug 2017
Varun Sreenivasan
Aug 25 2017 01:54 UTC
Hi there, I have a problem with Image J and Fiji on Surface Pro 4, running Windows 10. When I try to adjust brightness/contrast of an image, the window "B&C" does not show up. I can see that the window opens as a taskbar item, but I cannot see the window. Can someone help me fix this?
Curtis Rueden
Aug 25 2017 05:56 UTC
@kas_varun_twitter I'm not 100% sure whether this still works on Windows 10, but in many cases it's possible to pull a window from off-screen using an approach like this. You could try doing that for the B&C window.
Jan Eglinger
Aug 25 2017 07:12 UTC
@kas_varun_twitter I've seen this happening on multi-screen setups. If the approach suggested by @ctrueden doesn't work for some reason, you can also run a script like this from the script editor (e.g. Groovy):
import ij.WindowManager
WindowManager.getWindow("B&C").setLocation(50, 50)