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Sep 2017
Curtis Rueden
Sep 05 2017 19:50
Today I learned that the version of org.apache.xmlgraphics:batik-css:1.9 cached by the ImageJ Maven repository was different than the one served by Maven Central. And that the version served by Central actually has different dependencies!
I have now resynced the ImageJ Maven repository's proxy to match what is on Maven Central. However, this means that Fiji now no longer builds, due to an enforcer violation.
It is a legitimate issue with the cisd:jhdf5 artifact being an unshaded uber-JAR which includes commons-lang and commons-io.
The fix is for me to create a version of the CISD JHDF5 library which does not include those libraries internally, but instead depends on them appropriately.
Curtis Rueden
Sep 05 2017 21:19
I fixed the JHDF5 library, releasing 14.12.6 without commons-lang or commons-io embedded. Enforcer is now happy on the fiji and fiji-javadoc projects. The next problem is from Travis: The log length has exceeded the limit of 4 MB. :dancers: