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Oct 2017
Stefan Helfrich
Oct 04 2017 06:44 UTC
@ctrueden :clap: :+1:
Robert Haase
Oct 04 2017 08:30 UTC
@ctrueden Awesome! Thanks for your efforts!
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Oct 04 2017 08:30 UTC
Hadrien Mary
Oct 04 2017 18:38 UTC
@StephanPreibisch: my boss saw the poster of the MicrotubuleTracker Fiji plugin in Germany last week. I am also building a similar plugin myself and wanted to have a look at your plugin/source code to see if we could share some piece of code from each other. But I can't find the plugin and the source code of the plugin on the Wiki or on Github. Is the plugin not yet available?
Curtis Rueden
Oct 04 2017 20:04 UTC
@hadim Is it not this repo? Linked from the sidebar in the "Source" row?
Oh, it's private, I see.
@StephanPreibisch Any reason not to make it public now?