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Oct 2017
Jan Eglinger
Oct 06 2017 14:26 UTC
@ctrueden thanks for committing your changes on the batch-processor project (ctrueden/batch-processor@a2c59bb). I'll get back to it soon hopefully.
Curtis Rueden
Oct 06 2017 14:27 UTC
@imagejan I was about to file a PR updating Travis but now I have sidetracks. ;-)
Hadrien Mary
Oct 06 2017 15:08 UTC
@kapoorlab I have added installation instructions to
Varun Kapoor
Oct 06 2017 15:18 UTC
@hadim Thanks, I wanted to keep Module 1 labelled as 1 though, then the numbering corresponds to what you see in the GUI panels, is there a way to keep the label of Module 1 as 1?
Hadrien Mary
Oct 06 2017 15:20 UTC
I'll fix that.
is that better now?
If not we would have to put installation instructions in the introduction.
Varun Kapoor
Oct 06 2017 15:25 UTC
yeah, I'll ask Simone if she thinks this is ok else we have to put it in the introduction
Hadrien Mary
Oct 06 2017 15:26 UTC
Ok, as you want. You can easily revert my changes if needed.