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Oct 2017
Varun Kapoor
Oct 23 2017 14:31 UTC
Hey, If I wanted to save parameters to a local preference file and not IJ.prefs file what do I have to do? How can i set the path of Pref directory to a local directory?
Curtis Rueden
Oct 23 2017 17:46 UTC
@kapoorlab In what format do you want to save preferences? You just want to persist some things to restore later? Why does it have to be local? Do you need this file for external purposes elsewhere?
Are you trying to save ImageJ 1.x style preferences (a la the ij.IJ class)? Or ImageJ2-style preferences (a la SciJava Common's PrefService)?
Varun Kapoor
Oct 23 2017 18:51 UTC
@ctrueden I wrote a to store some parameters that work for images in that directory and the user may have different set of images from different experiments so asked me to make something where each directory of movie has its own preference file. I did this is ij.IJ class style, is there anything better available? I save it as a TXT file just like IJ_Prefs does it but locally.