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Oct 2017
Varun Kapoor
Oct 27 2017 11:00 UTC
@ctrueden Yeah thats true, and being any critical is always welcome from my side :smile:
Gabriel Selzer
Oct 27 2017 19:35 UTC
@thorstenwagner Hi, I'm a student working on ImageJ Ops at LOCI. We are looking at implementing ridge detection in Ops. Your plugin is great but it is GPL licensed; would you be willing/interested in giving permission for it to be relicensed as BSD-2 so that we can adapt it directly to Ops (converting to SciJava+ImgLib2 in the process)? If not, we can recode it from the paper directly, and use your plugin only for inspiration. Also, any other plugins you have coded that you think would be nice to have in Ops? Thanks for all ideas and suggestions!
Hadrien Mary
Oct 27 2017 20:32 UTC
I am actually using @thorstenwagner's plugin in a Fiji plugin I am building and I would be really interested in an Ops/Imglib2 implementation. Keep me in touch about it.