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Nov 2017
Stephan Saalfeld
Nov 11 2017 00:49 UTC
Curtis Rueden
Nov 11 2017 03:34 UTC
@kapoorlab Again: proxy-related is unlikely though remotely possible. You'd usually get an outright error in that case though. And Maven is not related here -- what's in the pom is irrelevant in this case. Maybe take a screenshot or screencast video to showcase what is going wrong more clearly?
Varun Kapoor
Nov 11 2017 16:13 UTC
Thanks Curtis, I redid everything including cloning and a pull and everything seems fine now. Just in case anyone tries to work on eclipse behind a firewall you would have to create a settings.xml file in .m2/ directory with the proxy server info for maven projects. But I guess everyone here knows about that. Maybe after doing this one should restart eclipse before importing packages, everything should be fine then. Thanks again for your inputs.
Varun Kapoor
Nov 11 2017 20:26 UTC
@axtimwalde @StephanPreibisch So I could not find the circle Ransac git repo but I figured out the math to do it, we need a regression step to determine the model parameters (3 in this case) and the shortest distance of a point from the circle, which I have. I will make a repo on my Github with this model along with ellipse model which should be able to fit circle and ellipse to a set of points in 2 and 3D, this is going to use the mpicbg models that you guys made and as of now has a line and a polynomial model for 2 dimensions. I am going to do this next week and then share the repo with you. If you are okay with this I can go ahead and do this, in the meantime @tinevez can work on his Hough based approach and in future maybe integrate it with our repo for finding circles and ellipses in 2 and 3D. Sounds good?