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Nov 2017
Curtis Rueden
Nov 12 2017 12:50
@kapoorlab We should do it the other way: your code should be integrated into imglib2-algorithms and imagej-ops please.
Varun Kapoor
Nov 12 2017 13:49
@ctrueden Alrighty, so I will fork imglib2-algorithms on my github and then integrate the Ransac code over there.
Stephan Saalfeld
Nov 12 2017 15:51
@kapoorlab yes, circles are simple, do you have good code to get the distance to an ellipse fit efficiently?
Varun Kapoor
Nov 12 2017 15:54
@axtimwalde I do not have it yet but I was going to figure that out tomorrow, I know that some of my friends have done it in python to fit ellipse to eyes (pupil)