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Nov 2017
It's currently on a branch of imglib2-algorithm
should be completed at the upcoming December hackathon
Varun Kapoor
Nov 13 2017 13:36 UTC
@tpietzsch Thanks, I am trying to work on this and am including a Netwon-Raphson root solver along with the Bisection method you have implemented for finding the distances.
Nov 13 2017 15:18 UTC
:+1: sounds great!
Varun Kapoor
Nov 13 2017 19:32 UTC
@tpietzsch So the Newton raphson is ready and I did some modification to the to the yuryPetrov method of ellipse fitting (did SVD instead of Cholesky decomposition, so that rank deficient matrices are also good with this fitting). It is on my forked repo (work in progress):