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Nov 2017
Varun Kapoor
Nov 30 2017 14:53 UTC
@awalter17 I did some of the changes that you suggested , HyperEllipsoid implements Ellipsoid Modification, GeneralEllipsoid is gone, istead a new constructor in Ellipsoid to contain Coefficients of the quadratic form, Removing mpicbg model dependency by making this Ellipsoid Ransac fitter only. I am looking into your Line model to see how to use it for drawing rather than ImageJ1-roi.
Alison Walter
Nov 30 2017 15:16 UTC
@kapoorlab Nice! I'll take a look at your changes and make comments on the commit, if that works for you?
Varun Kapoor
Nov 30 2017 15:50 UTC
@awalter17 Yeah that works :+1: