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Dec 2017
Curtis Rueden
Dec 19 2017 16:07 UTC
@milkyklim I am chatting with @kapoorlab, and he was wondering about an example of the "two-level" design of lower-level SciJava commands which work headless, repeatedly called by higher-level interactive code with a UI.
Do you have anything like that ready yet? Ideally it would be great to get something into the imagej tutorials that does that. But if you have a repo that is structured that way, it would be helpful too.
@kapoorlab Here are some examples of simple SciJava commands:
The multilevel idea is:
  • public static method(s) that take parameters, do work, and return results
  • SciJava Command plugins with @Parameter -- these are recordable and usable headless
  • High-level interactive Swing UI that calls the public static methods too.
@kapoorlab Here is an example of a "mixed-world" command that uses ImageJ2 mostly, but also ij.ImagePlus to do some overlay-related things.
Varun Kapoor
Dec 19 2017 17:23 UTC
Thanks for the links and the materials, it's a great place to start :+1:
Curtis Rueden
Dec 19 2017 18:42 UTC
You're welcome. ^_^