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Jan 2018
Varun Kapoor
Jan 28 2018 11:10 UTC
Hi people, I heard a talk about the RACE algorithm for segmentation, digging deep it uses viscous watershed transform:, is there an implementation of this algorithm in Fiji/ imagej-ops or anywhere else that you know off?
Jan Eglinger
Jan 28 2018 11:26 UTC
@kapoorlab are you talking of this original RACE implementation: and this paper: ?
Varun Kapoor
Jan 28 2018 11:27 UTC
Thanks that helps, I also wanted to know if there is an implementation of viscous watershed transform.
Jan 28 2018 20:02 UTC
How do I know the wavelength of the image if I am using 2-photon confocal micoscopy? I have up to 2 to 3 channels but I can't tell from the metadata what wavelengths are being used? Can someone explain? Thank you!