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Jan 2018
Curtis Rueden
Jan 29 2018 13:53 UTC
@kapoorlab Did you try to connect to an ImageJ update site unsuccessfully recently? It seems someone in Szeged got their IP banned over the weekend trying to log in as vkapoor. ;-)
If you did not manage to get it working, try with capital V.
Varun Kapoor
Jan 29 2018 15:52 UTC
Oh, ha and yeah that was me trying to fix the jfreechart thing that you fixed a while ago but I only got myself to merge that with my branch now and then I did get that working over the weekend 😊 and thanks for the fix as well. Hi from segzed, it's a perfect ghost town in the evenings! I guess that the IP is unbanned now though right?
Curtis Rueden
Jan 29 2018 17:34 UTC
@kapoorlab It should not be permanently banned. Let me know if you continue having trouble.