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Mar 2018
Varun Kapoor
Mar 05 2018 11:23
@tinevez Merci beaucoup, it looks exactly what I was looking for, I will try to use this and let you know if I faced any issues.
Mar 05 2018 12:51
Hi, is there a way to reorder ROI according to y AND x coordinates ? Or manually with clicks? The Sort button seems to work only on y coordinates.
Mar 05 2018 15:52
Nevermind, my sample was not so big so I just worked around by exporting the measurement results one by one in the order I needed.
Curtis Rueden
Mar 05 2018 18:21
@matrixbot It does! But it's not very active. I usually see posts there after a few days, long after whoever asked the question has given up and left. -_- So I would not recommend using it.
You should use, or here if you want to discuss code.
Mar 05 2018 19:31
superusercode I'll just keep accessing gitter through matrix then.