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Mar 2018
Varun Kapoor
Mar 16 2018 12:28 UTC
Hi, what do I have to write in my pom.xml so that I can write import fiji.plugin* in my java code?
Jan Eglinger
Mar 16 2018 13:34 UTC
@kapoorlab you can search for the classname you want to import, it will give the the necessary xml snippet for your POM
(and you shouldn't use wildcard imports, of course ;-)
Varun Kapoor
Mar 16 2018 14:56 UTC
@imagejan Thanks :) no wildcards, ok am getting an error which I do not understand:
Failure to transfer sc.fiji:TrackMate_:jar:3.6.1 from was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of imagej.public has elapsed or updates are forced.
Mar 16 2018 15:20 UTC
That means maven tried to download sc.fiji:TrackMate_:jar:3.6.1 and failed for some reason
It will not reattempt to download for some period of time
instead remember that this failed
you can force it retry by running with -U option
(e.g. mvn clean package -U)
Varun Kapoor
Mar 16 2018 15:24 UTC
@tpietzsch yeah it is the reason thats bugging me, i will try force, clean with/without wifi/ethernet. Thanks Tobias