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Apr 2018
Anders Lunde
Apr 16 2018 11:29 UTC
Hi friends. Im trying to run a beanshell script in FIJI on a remote computer/computer cluster at my university. I have to log on via Putty, and then I'm seeing a linux command line interface. I have 2 questions: what is the proper command line argumets to run headless beanshell scripts with fiji? I dont need any parameter inputs to my script. Is FIJI able to run on ARM computers?
Hadrien Mary
Apr 16 2018 16:13 UTC
@ctrueden could you wiped the FilamentDetector update site please? I have issue with deps I want to remove to avoid issue with Fiji. See (if there is a way for me to do it myself, let me know).
Curtis Rueden
Apr 16 2018 21:38 UTC
@hadim If we do that, please understand it will leave everyone who enabled it with "locally modified" files in their installation, which must be flagged for subsequent update manually. Are you OK with that?
@AndersLunde_twitter Did you read the Scripting Headless page?
@AndersLunde_twitter Yes, Fiji runs on any system that has Java 8 SE.
Hadrien Mary
Apr 16 2018 22:15 UTC
@ctrueden: the update site seems to be ok since the last release. So for now, it should be fine.