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Jul 2018
Curtis Rueden
Jul 07 2018 03:24 UTC
Fiji 2.0.0-pre-7 (built on ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-68) was released yesterday, and uploaded to the Java-8 update site just now. I will be largely AFK for the next 5+ days, but if something is catastrophically broken, do try to let me know as described above.
Jan Eglinger
Jul 07 2018 09:48 UTC
Jan Eglinger
Jul 07 2018 21:52 UTC
@ctrueden @etarena it seems like script files in ./plugins/ are not recognized any more after the update. For example, there no Find Jar for Class command in the menu. See also this forum post and others.
Script files in ./scripts/… work fine though.
Jan Eglinger
Jul 07 2018 22:01 UTC
Also, it looks like native-lib-loader-2.3.0.jar is somehow broken, as it calls getPlatformLibraryPath(null) here, which leads to a NullPointerException here, see this forum post.
And this topic as well.