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Jul 2018
Jul 24 2018 13:14 UTC
Hi.. this is the first time that I'm using this so sorry if I'm in the wrong place...but I would like some assistance with the thresholding function in fiji
I know how to threshold an image but I am wondering how to apply the same threshold to all subsequent images I open in fiji? Do I have to do this manually using the slider with each image or is there a quicker method?
Jan Eglinger
Jul 24 2018 13:36 UTC

@libertymthunzi_twitter I'd suggest you make yourself familiar with ImageJ macros:

Also have a look at this forum post, and feel free to open a new topic on the forum with more specific questions and/or some sample images.

(This gitter channel is more for exchanging infos amongst developers, but asking on the forum should get you some help quickly.)
Jul 24 2018 13:46 UTC
Hi Jan, thank you very much for your reply. Apologies, for writing in the wrong channel.