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Aug 2018
Aug 06 2018 12:25 UTC

Hey! im new here and close to go Postal..... I use Fiji or more closeley the OPENSMIP version mainly for the DeconvolutionLab2. Worked great yesterday....
Had this Problem before, Fiji is not starting a plugin with the error JAVAX compiler not found, Searching JAVAC, JAVAC not found searched in.....
I think last time it got solved by just changeing the Java Compiler version in the options menue but thats not working.
I tried copying JAVAC.exe to the Java bin folder, not working....suddenly cant find Javac.jar anywhere in my fiji folders.
I googled and nothing helped, i Downloaded JAVA JDK - JRE 10 and 8 from both, nothing is working.

And what brings me to the edge, searching for the " Manage update site Button" which does not exist....

got the newest stable Fiji version and OPENSMIP.

Jan Eglinger
Aug 06 2018 12:31 UTC
@DR-DAT4 can you please post the detailed error message (and how to reprocuce it) on the forum?
Regarding adding an update site, please refer to
(BTW, I guess you mean OPENSPIM, not OPENSMIP...)
Aug 06 2018 12:35 UTC
yes i mean OPENSPIM, sorry. gonna post it , thanks
Richard Domander
Aug 06 2018 12:42 UTC
@DR-DAT4 let me know when you've written the forum post, I have an idea what might help, but I'd like to write my answer on the forum so that others can see it as well
Aug 06 2018 13:49 UTC
i really dont know what happend to cause this, or what caused the error to suddenly vanish. but for now it seems to work.
Richard Domander
Aug 06 2018 13:56 UTC
@DR-DAT4 Huh, well, good that it's working now. My idea was that the environment variables weren't set up correctly...