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Aug 2018
John Bogovic
Aug 31 2018 14:38 UTC
this could be consistent with a temporary ban, but it would have to be pretty short for the second build to have worked (I think) , right?
Curtis Rueden
Aug 31 2018 15:52 UTC
Yeah, I'm not sure if it's a temporary ban, or just intermittent failure. And not clear if it's on the Travis side, or a problem with Maven Central. Or with some machine in between them. But my workaround tries to avoid the issue by making the Travis build not communicate directly with Maven Central.
Lauren Stein
Aug 31 2018 15:53 UTC
I am trying to install a macro that will allow for microglia quantification but am unable to get it to work. The script is available online at from Davis et al (published in 2017 in Scientific Reports) but it is not working. Does anyone have experience with this macro or have any others they recommend?
Ellen TA Dobson
Aug 31 2018 15:59 UTC
@Lauren_Stein_twitter this is a great question to post on the forum. :smile:
Lauren Stein
Aug 31 2018 16:24 UTC
oh awesome thanks!
Ellen TA Dobson
Aug 31 2018 16:52 UTC