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Oct 2018
Hadrien Mary
Oct 12 2018 15:18 UTC
@ctrueden : all the releases on update site I do on Travis failed: . I use this script:
It's a dependency issue with imglib. Any idea how to fix that?
My project is using the same Scijava version (23.1.1) as Fiji.
Curtis Rueden
Oct 12 2018 20:04 UTC
@hadim I am in the process of release master branches, updating pom-scijava versions, and testing everything with the melting pot. Once it all is known to work, I will update Fiji and upload everything. Then you can try the freshest pom-scijava and see whether the problem is resolved.
I suspect that the issue is that what's on the update site does not precisely match pom-scijava 23.1.1.