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Oct 2018
Oct 16 2018 12:37 UTC
Hello! I've been trying to find a way to pre-process my images, but to no avail... Maybe someone here has any suggestion? I have a large amount of microfluidics chip images where I am tracking flowing cells. I have used TrackMate successfully to do the tracking, but the characteristics of the chip required me to create a mask in order to constrain the analysis only to what is inside the channels. At the moment, I'm doing the cropping and masking individually per file, but it's a time consuming process. The location of the chip changes slightly per image, making cropping macros useless. Is there anything I could use that would recognize the boundaries of the region I want to crop per image, so that I could then use the same mask and image calculation for all of the images? Thank you!
Ellen TA Dobson
Oct 16 2018 14:30 UTC
@PLM-2018 This is a great question for the imaging forum ... Post your question there along with an original image file (you can even share a link via a file sharing site...). That's the best way to get some help on this. :smile:
Oct 16 2018 15:23 UTC
Thank you!