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Oct 2018
Kyle I S Harrington
Oct 17 2018 02:35 seems to be down?
Kyle I S Harrington
Oct 17 2018 03:02
ok its back!
Curtis Rueden
Oct 17 2018 14:20
@kephale It went down for ~20 minutes. Not sure why. I did run a manual backup of the whole site shortly before it went down... maybe that operation crashed it. :-O
Kyle I S Harrington
Oct 17 2018 14:22
@ctrueden hah, it would be pretty funny if manual backups triggered crashes. not the worst bug, but something of a self-fulfilling prophecy?
Oct 17 2018 23:09
Hello! I have a quick question: We are aligning large images using Fiji's bunwarpJ algorthim, and we are perfoming these alignments on our server as we need large memory heaps for the images. In order to do so, we have to perform alignments in a --headless mode. The alignments work well, but no alignment coefficients are printed because these are typically represented in the Fiji GUI. We would like to use these as a metric to quantile alignments into overall categories of good, mediocre, bad, etc based upon a coefficient threshold. I have not come across any straight-forward way to save or view these coefficients without the GUI and was wondering if anyone knows a way to obtain them without going through a desktop GUI? Thank you for any responses!
Additionally, if there is a more appropriate forum for this to be posted to, I will happily be directed