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Oct 2018
Komla Seyram
Oct 25 2018 10:16
i am new to imageJ but i have been able to use to do a couple of analysis.Currently working on SEM image which is pretty difficult to threshold because its a non-uniform background. From what i see, it seems i need to write my own macros as a new plugin to assist me to get the results i want. IF anyone can help please advice me on what to do. i need a really clean threshold
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Oct 25 2018 10:29
@iamkomlaseyram_twitter is a good place to post such questions. Here we typically discuss development issues.
Robert Haase
Oct 25 2018 12:42
@hanslovsky Sorry, but now official: I won't learn kotlin this year and very likely also not next year. But thanks for the try ;-)
Philipp Hanslovsky
Oct 25 2018 12:45
:smile: you'll be missing out then!
Rajan Singh
Oct 25 2018 17:31
Hi '
I have a question related to an image for which i am trying to calculate the Mean gray value
since i have substracted the nucleus part of the cells, i just have the part of an image with the cytoplasm and black background
i would like to select the whole image and measure the mean gray value of the cells without the back backgorund in the middle.
can anyone help me how to reduce or minus just the black background and calculate the mean gray value of the whole image ?
please help people i am desperate for this
and i dont know what to do
Gabriel Selzer
Oct 25 2018 17:36
@rajan13ve_gitlab check out, it is a good place for questions such as yours. This channel is used more for development.