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Oct 2018
Curtis Rueden
Oct 26 2018 16:58 UTC
@axtimwalde I noticed that there are some improvements to the mpicbg library and plugin that have not yet been released. I am in the process of releasing components, validating via melting-pot, and finally uploading the new versions to the Java-8 update site. Do you want to cut a release of mpicbg as part of that? Or hold off for now?
Curtis Rueden
Oct 26 2018 17:03 UTC
Similarly, imglib2-realtransform has the recent work by @bogovicj on master... could release another version of that if you like.
And @tpietzsch, there are some new commits on imglib2 core that could be released if you want.
Ulrik Günther
Oct 26 2018 19:01 UTC
hey everyone! i remember somebody posting something here recently about including javafx as maven artifact. if that person is reading this... could you please repeat that info? thanks :sunglasses:
John Bogovic
Oct 26 2018 19:02 UTC
I think that was likely to be @hanslovsky (?)
Ulrik Günther
Oct 26 2018 19:02 UTC
thanks, @bogovicj, i was also suspecting that ^^
and @haesleinhuepf: laaaaaaaaaame! ;-)
Kyle I S Harrington
Oct 26 2018 19:03 UTC
@skalarproduktraum its because he has realized that it is more important to learn Clojure first :D
Stephan Saalfeld
Oct 26 2018 19:04 UTC
@ctrueden, mpicbg yes, please. I tried to release this but the repository is still in the old trakem2 style format which does not work with and I think I need new accounts wherever to do it manually.
imglib2-realtransform yes, but that should be easy for us too
mpicbg would be 1.3.0 because API was added.
Curtis Rueden
Oct 26 2018 19:16 UTC
@axtimwalde Using with the mpicbg repo should work, in theory. It should be fine for multi-module builds as long as they are mono-versioned, which that one is. Could you post the error you received when you tried to run the script?
Oh, it looks like maybe I have push access. I can try running it, then.
Ah, I see some kind of bug with the version extraction. I'll look into it.
Curtis Rueden
Oct 26 2018 19:30 UTC
Fixed that bug: scijava/scijava-scripts@fdf82c2. Now the javadoc build fails during the local release; need to track down how to make javadoc generation less strict during release builds.
Oct 26 2018 20:09 UTC
@ctrueden if you are not done releasing yet, sure, please go ahead and do a imglib2 core release!
Philipp Hanslovsky
Oct 26 2018 21:41 UTC
You will need Java 10, though