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Oct 2018
Varun Kapoor
Oct 29 2018 10:36 website is down, anybody knows why?
Jan Eglinger
Oct 29 2018 11:13
@kapoorlab works for me right now. temporary issue maybe?
Varun Kapoor
Oct 29 2018 11:17
@imagejan right it works now for me too.
Ulrik Günther
Oct 29 2018 18:34
hello everyone, don't wanna do advertisement, but the humble bundle currently has a set of java ebooks available for quite a low price (0.88 EUR), and i thought some people here might be interested in this:
Curtis Rueden
Oct 29 2018 19:49
@/all I finally thought of a (retrospectively obvious) way to make blanket HTTPS work for ImageJ web sites, without breaking the ImageJ Updater! We can use a conditional redirect based on the user agent: if it is an Updater user agent string, allow HTTP; otherwise, redirect to HTTPS. I have now put this rule in place, and it is working in my tests locally. But I'd appreciate it if folks could try updating their Fiji installations and let me know if there are any errors.
Still cannot blanket redirect to HTTPS yet, for separate technical reasons, but I am hopeful that,,, and can all fully blanket redirect from now on within web browsers.
Philipp Hanslovsky
Oct 29 2018 19:53
I updated my local fiji, which told me it is up to date (without error), and an older Fiji that I had lying around (without error as well).
Curtis Rueden
Oct 29 2018 20:01
@hanslovsky Thanks! Great news.