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Nov 2018
Christian Dietz
Nov 03 2018 00:00 UTC
taking pictures for the talk afterwards
there is a nice bench in madison... perfect for that after drinking
Nov 03 2018 00:00 UTC
@fjug regarding " saying why I2K is a) the extension of the ImageJ conference but at the same time b) a new beginning." we would need some input from you
i.e. what is the idea where the conference should go (aka "where do you see yourself in ten years...")
maybe we can briefly skype tomorrow
we meet in the afternoon, so your tomorrow evening would be nice (8ish)
Florian Jug
Nov 03 2018 12:02 UTC
Sure we can talk today!
The new beginning as I meant it was the “and Friends” part. Just as for the Forum. The frocus, in my view, shifts from “analysis with ImageJ” to “analysis with suitable tools”. ImageJ/Fiji is and will stay important and a major part, but we don’t put it so much in its center, do we?
Let me know when you’re up/ready for a chat.
@dietzc cencierly hope you did not visit that bench… ;)