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Nov 2018
Stefan Helfrich
Nov 04 2018 10:05
@frauzufall I have been working on imagej-launcher on and off in the past months, especially the part about guessing/detecting Java versions. The current version on master has some issues that I was in investigating in the last months. While I don’t have a fix available, I do have a good understanding what the problem is. Do you want to have a quick chat the coming week about all that’s going on withimagej-launcher? I think you time is better spent on actually solving the problem/working on improvements than to get started from 0...
Deborah Schmidt
Nov 04 2018 10:25
@stelfrich yes that'd be great, thanks! I'm interested in the mechanics of the launcher for other reasons as well.
Stefan Helfrich
Nov 04 2018 11:45
@frauzufall Monday is already quite packed but I am available after 3pm. On Tuesday I am still flexible (and is actually my preferred option..), so your choice!