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Nov 2018
Stephan Saalfeld
Nov 05 2018 19:18 UTC
Hi everybody. The day has been packed so far but I would be available for hangout or whatever for about 2h from now.
But as mentioned earlier, I will not be helpful as input for the launcher
I basically said everything that I think in this chat, i.e. I am empty.
As a side note on constraints, I also have the kids today and tomorrow because school is closed
Florian Jug
Nov 05 2018 20:54 UTC
@axtimwalde @frauzufall — Hoi Stephan... thanks a lot for your offer... Deborah is long at home with family and as long as the discussed plan sounds agreeable to you I think we will follow it up as discussed. If problems or unforeseen complications arise we’ll take the liberty of pinging you... ok?
Curtis Rueden
Nov 05 2018 21:34 UTC
@tpietzsch The java8 label on GitHub links to relevant issues for a better ImageJ launcher.
Stephan Saalfeld
Nov 05 2018 22:07 UTC
@fjug cool.