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Nov 2018
Jean-Yves Tinevez
Nov 29 2018 20:48 UTC
Have you seen that?! Bioformats v6 will have BDV and KLB file format reader!
Curtis Rueden
Nov 29 2018 21:03 UTC
@tinevez Huh. How are they solving the blocks-vs-planes issue?
Niko Ehrenfeuchter
Nov 29 2018 21:08 UTC
If I have to guess, I'd say somewhere in their pyramidal concept that will be introduced in v6. Don't know any details though...
Nov 29 2018 22:20 UTC
that's great
do you have a link to the announcement?
Niko Ehrenfeuchter
Nov 29 2018 22:36 UTC
Openmicroscopy blog
Nov 29 2018 22:37 UTC