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Dec 2018
Dec 03 2018 14:11 UTC
Is there a detailed document on the structure of Fiji or ImageJ2? Thanks!
Jan Eglinger
Dec 03 2018 14:26 UTC
@Fokatu have a look at
Jan Eglinger
Dec 03 2018 15:01 UTC
@ctrueden @igorpisarev @axtimwalde an API change report like this one for ImgLib2 core would have helped spotting the issues with the latest mpicbg version, no? Maybe we can ask for more libraries to be included there...
Curtis Rueden
Dec 03 2018 15:22 UTC
@imagejan Neat tool. I agree it would be nice to hook it up to all the core libraries.
Dec 03 2018 20:17 UTC
I would like to upload images acquired by Zeiss confocal software, but I receive the following message: [WARNING] Your ImageJ installation cannot be updated because it is read-only
How do I bypass this warning message?