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Dec 2018
Curtis Rueden
Dec 18 2018 21:41
@frauzufall @tpietzsch @turekg I filed the blanket issue for the new Updater work. Please read and comment and expand it as needed. imagej/imagej-updater#70
Also, in case you didn't notice: I added cram tests (imagej/list-of-update-sites@54fd49d) to ensure that the critical Updater URLs continue to function as expected forever.
@frauzufall If you can track down which URLs are also critical for old installations, we can add those to the cram tests as well after we restore them to life.
OTOH, one can argue that it may not be worth the trouble—how many installations that old are still out there, waiting to fail to update? How many of those people will not be able to simply download a new Fiji? I do not feel strongly about how we proceed here; I'm willing to make these installations updateable again if you think it's important.